Haunted House in Larkfield, California


(To protect the privacy of the current resident this is not an image of the actual house.)

This is another true scary story of mine. We lived in a house in Larkfield, California that was haunted. Many creepy things happened in that house. Everyone noticed the haunted events. My sister and I would get scratches from nowhere. Dust would fall from places where there was no furniture. My cat would growl at nothing inside and outside of the house. Those are just the possible coincidental events. Two others stand out in my memory:

There was a cold back room that no one liked to go into. It was adjacent to the bathroom. It would never warm up and sometimes you could see your breath even in the summer. One time my brother’s friend was sitting in the living room and he freaked out because he watched a large yellow animal that resembled a cat but walked like a man go from the bathroom to that bedroom.

Another creepy time was when my sister and her best friend were playing cards at the dining room table. Across from the table was the window to the outside. The owners had build a second room to that wall so the window really only looked into that side room. Without a word her face went white and she got up from the table to grab a Michael Myers sized knife from the kitchen then told my sister she had just seen a face of a person inside the room in the window looking at them. There was no one there and all of the doors were locked.