Did I Witness a Murder In Bodega Bay?


Another story that happened to me. My mother and her friends went to The Tides in Bodega Bay for dinner. I was about 12 years old when this happened and it was freaky. This really cute guy was working there and he was always smiling at me. I didn’t look 12 so it’s not like he was some perv. I became really bored sitting there listening to my mom and her friends so I went to go sit in the car to listen to the radio.

After going out to the car I watched this cute guy and a woman who looked like possible a waitress go out the back door. They were fighting and went back to the boats. I think he had even hit her before she ran back there. A few minutes later I heard her scream. It could have been a seagull, but I’m pretty sure it was a woman screaming. I was terrified. When he saw me he started walking toward the car and just then my mom and her friends walked out.