Scary Christmas Stories | Santa’s Other Workshop by Hillahawke1

Not all of Santa’s Elves are happy little creatures. Sometimes there are elves who are vile and mean. What happens with these little elves? Where do they go when they are really, really bad?

“Erhgra E’tah sat in the poorly lit corner of a tattered workbench. His focus was entirely devoted to the old and worn piece of brass in his hands. The clangs of his hammer hitting metal rang out and echoed through the dark halls and passageways. He pounded the brass sheet relentlessly until the metal slowly began to surrender its shape and bend to Erhgra’s design. Suddenly the hammer flew out of the mad elf’s grasp. He examined his limp hand, trying to will it back into his control. Fury filled his heart as he watched the necrotic flesh sloughed off his bony hand. He didn’t have much time.”

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