User Submitted Stories of Demonic Possession

Mark’s Story

My name is Mark. I tried committing suicide 3 years ago, I died, and was brought back. I had hellish nightmare, that I will tell in another story later. Once I was released from the hospital after being in ICU, I had to serve 30 days in a mental home. Once I got out, I had a evil spirit. Probably a demon that was attached to me, and the house. I want scared cause I pray, and believe in God. I would hear growling, and see a dark shadow every now n then. Ignoring it, made it worse. It started to bother my mom by shaking her bed or anything she sat on. My mother was always scared. Eventually she could never get sleep. After she couldn’t sleep for a week we tried using holy water n cleanse our house n property line. It made it worse. Scratches started appearing on my back. Then the cross was knocked off the wall with some kind of gooey substance on it. My dog was getting attacked all the time, and would shake constantly. Then I started getting voices in my head with constant sadness. We finally had our local priest come over, and help us. He read versus of the bible, and blessed the house with holy water. He had us hang rosaries all over the house. This still didn’t stop it. But helped a little better. What finally helped was me going to confession, and praying to the holy spirit to bless n protect me with the white light. Its been gone ever since, and I try to keep on going to my church at least once a month. I’d like to go more if I could. The evil spirit is gone. I still have the broken Cross to remind me that this was real. My family never believed us when this was happening. We were on our own to figure it out. That’s one of my stories. I have more from the past to tell later. Thank you for welcoming me to the group. Take my story with you’re own opinion.