Hidden Lakes Ghost in Martinez, California


This was my first video on YouTube. 🙂 The sound quality is amusing and I was just getting over whooping cough so my voice was kind of raspy. It is a true story about my son who was about 4 or 5 at the time. He took a walk with his dad, uncle, aunt, and their children. I was pregnant and about to pop so I stayed behind and took a nap.

My husband at the time woke me up and asked me to help get some warm water going. My son had tried to walk on the algae on the water and fell in. No one noticed except a fisherman across the lake. My ex was off doing something, whatever. The fisherman yelled at the family and my brother-in-law jumped in to get him. He could tell where he was by the puff of his curly hair.

Later on, and my son won’t admit to this now, he told me that while he was under the water a woman saved his life. She told him to hold his breath and that help was coming. He said she was a ghost and then he said she was an angel. I suppose she could have been either, but other people have reported a ghost of a person who drowned in the area years ago. It could all be hearsay because I can’t find any records of such an event, but it is a common occurrence.