Submissions and Approval Process

Taking submissions for creepypasta and true scary stories.

Watch the video for more information. It’s really easy to do. I think it will be a whole lot easier on all of us.

Please note that I am only taking submissions on stories that you want me to read. This is not for just a site to put your story in text. Every story that is posted here will have a YouTube and/or Vidme counterpart. Thank you.

If you would like to have your story read by me and published here, please open an account by clicking here and starting an account. You will automatically be set to a contributor so you can create a post that will need to be approved before it is released. It will sit in the queue with other stories until I’ve had a chance to read the story. Note that this is a hobby for me and I do not have any staff to help approve or proof the story.

If the story is approved, then I will let you know at the top of the story (for now.) Then, once a video is created and the story is ready to be published it will be published as normal.

If the story is not approved, then I will let you know why in at the top of the page and give you a chance to fix whatever needs to be correct. For example, if the story has no paragraphs then this is a definite refusal to publish.

Please remember to select the appropriate category and tags.

If the story is under 1000 words then it might be combined with other stories.

There is no pay for publishing your story. You retain all rights to your story, however, please review the type of rights available and mark accordingly.