Nine Serial Killers Never Caught and Still Could Be Alive Today!

Is Your Neighbor a Serial Killer?

Did you know that your neighbor could be a serial killer? It is quite possible. We never know who lurks by our bedside. Here are 9 quickie stories of serial killers who were never caught and still could be alive today!

The Zodiac Killer (1968)

On December 20, 1968 two bodies were found on the outskirts of Vallejo, California. David Faraday and Betty Lou Jensen were both murdered by gunshot. After the crime, an encrypted message was given to the police where he ordered them to post it in the paper or more people would be killed. He is known to have killed 5 people yet it is possible that he confessed to killing 37.

Although the murders stopped, he has never been found.

The Alphabet Murders (1971 to ?)

Around the time frame around 1971 three young girls were raped then strangled around Rochester, NY. All three girls had one very strange attribute: all the girls first names started with the letter their last names started with. Carmen Colon was found in Churchville while Michelle Maezna was found in Macedon, and Wanda Walkowicz was in Webster.

Later in California the serial killer Joseph Naso murdered a Carmen Colon, Pamela Parsons, Roxene Roggasch, and Tracy Tafoya. While his journal indicated there was also a dead girl in Buffalo, DNA attached to the previous crimes in New York did not match the DNA of Joesph Naso.

If it isn’t Joseph Naso then the killer is possibly still out there.

Charlie Chop-Off (1972 to 1974)

Between the years of 1972 to 1974, three young African American boys were found murdered and mutilated. Because of this heinous crime, the serial killer was dubbed “Charlie Chop-Off.” His first victim who was found was a boy of the young age of 8 named Douglas Owen. The boy was stabbed 38 times and his genitals mutilated. Two other young boys were also murdered and had their penises removed.

A man named Erno Soto confessed to the murder, but since he was mentally unstable no one took him seriously. Also, one of the survivors of an attack could not make a positive ID. Although the killings stopped after Soto was arrested, he was not found guilty and the killer could still be out there.

The Babysitter Killer (1976 to 1977)

In Oakland County, Michigan between 1976 and 1977 children were never to go outside alone for quite awhile. This is because during a 13-month period in Southeastern Michigan children were being murdered. During this time at least 4 children were murdered. The first victim being 12-year old Mark Stebbins. All 4 children were found fully clothed although they were sexually assaulted.

Several people were interviewed. No one was ever convicted.

Redhead Murderer (1978 to 1992)

In 1978 an unidentified redhead was murdered then in 1983 another redhead was murdered. At least 6 people were connected to the Redhead murders, but sadly only one has been identified.

Although two people were interviewed, only one was ever caught.

The Night Stalker (1979 to 1986)

On December 30, 1979 Dr. Robert Offerman and his girlfriend Debra Alexandra Manning were shot in their home in Contra Costa County, an area east of San Francisco. They died from the gunshot wound. Seven more victims in 7 years were also murdered in the same manner.

At the time of these murders, women San Francisco were being raped in their own homes by the East Area Rapist. Through DNA testing they discovered the Original Night Stalker and the East Area Rapist were the same man.

The last victim was in 1986 and rapist/murderer was never found.

The Honolulu Strangler (1985 to 1986)

Back in the mid 1980s a 27-year old woman named Vicky Gail Purdy was found strangled to death. Her hands were tied behind her back and she was raped and strangled to death. Then in 1986 17 year old Regina Sakamoto was found in the same MO. It happened three more times  within three months until a suspect was interrogated. They also interviewed his girlfriend. She told them whenever the two would argue her boyfriend would leave the house and then the Honolulu Strangler would strike.

Although he was considered a suspect, the police did not have enough evidence to convict but after the interrogation the murders stopped. No one was ever arrested.

West Mesa Bone Collector (2003 – ?)

In 2009 a woman was walking her dog when he stopped and started licking something in the ground. She realized it looked oddly like a human bone and called her sister who was a registered nurse at the time. When she confirmed that it looked like a femur, they called the police.

This led the the discovery of 12 bodies, 11 of females between the ages of 15 to 32 years and one unborn baby, buried in the dirt.

No one has ever been convicted.

Daytona Beach Killer (2005 to 2008)

In Daytona Beach, Florida between 2005 to 2008, four women were found shot in the back of the head, execution style. All of these women were left out in the open and were not sexually assaulted. The firearm was similar to the type used by police officers, but it is also theorized that a trucker was the suspect as one woman was held by gunpoint and forced into an alley by a trucker and let go after begging for her life.

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