One-Time Donations

These are just one time donations.

GoFundMe: I have a GoFundMe account when I need to upgrade equipment. If you love the show, please do leave a donation to the show so I can upgrade equipment. I use this specifically for equipment upgrades, webhosting, and other Scary Story Time needs.

Amazon: I mainly use one amazon list because I’m too busy to create multiple lists. There are masks and equipment on this list that I am saving up for. If you would rather send an amazon gift, that would be great.

PayPal: PayPal is probably the best site to make a one time donation.
If you would like to be mentioned in the video or on the website, please send the following information after the donation is made:
$1.00 – your name and/or youtube name with a link on the site.
$5.00 – your name and info mentioned in one of the upcoming videos of the month
$50.00 – your name and info mentioned in the movies for the whole month.

Monthly Subscriptions

Patreon: I mainly do a private blog on Patreon and talk about the stories I write, things that happen in life.

Vidme: Sometimes I publish stories that have adult content that cannot go on YouTube.

PayPal: It’s just a monthly donation. I can add your name to the videos for 30 days if you like. (button soon.)

If you do submit to any of the above, please send your name/channel name/etc to so I can put your name on the sponsor/donations list for the month.


Rebates and Sponsorship Programs

You can also join these programs. These aren’t exactly sponsors and they’re not really donations. I wasn’t sure what to call them so I called it “rebates and sponsorship programs” which sounds kind of odd.

Join EBates: I save money by getting paid back a rebate.

Search and Get Paid: I get free giftcards for searching the web.

Places to Shop

I belong to several affiliate programs. Again, these aren’t really donations, but they’re not exactly sponsors either.

Amazon Halloween Store

Horror Pack: Get horror movies in Blue-Ray or DVD delivered to your doorstep and KEEP THEM!

Halloween Costumes!