Three Scary Ghost Stories from Creepypasta Authors

These great stories brought to you by Scary Story Time and the Creepypasta Wiki

The Cotton Field
"At this point I gave up. The cawing and wailing got louder and all I could do was yell and cry for help. I heard footsteps getting closer to me and I closed my eyes, not wanting to see what horrible thing was approaching."

CB Radio
"Instead we were faced with a run-down, dilapidated farm house, towered over by what appeared to be a barn falling over its struts. Common sense should have told us to leave but despite initial confusion, we were convinced that Bobby merely hung out here, that he had found the old radio system in the barn, where he usually told us he was when he talked to us."

A Chance Encounter
"As I walked through the trees, the wind blew up again and I heard the faint noise of singing. It grew louder and louder over the span of a few seconds, and then it suddenly died down entirely. And then I heard a voice, a sweet and soft voice that still sent chills down my spine for some reason."

Music by Myuu

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