The Perfectly Behaved Boy | A Dark Christmas Tale

Sometimes Christmas wishes do come true–even the bad ones. This boy loses people very dear to him only to have a new horror the next Christmas morning.

A little boy is visted by a special kind of being–one that looks like a man and grants all kinds of wishes for boys and girls who are both good and bad. This good little boy wished he hadn’t wished at all because what happened that Christmas Eve is the worst of all nightmares!
I screamed aloud for my mother and father. To this day I still have no idea if they heard me. I wish I could tell you that I bravely ran out of my bedroom to warn them, but I just sat huddled in the corner, crying and afraid. I listened intently for sounds of a struggle, or for my parents yelling, but I couldn’t hear anything.
Hours passed, and I could see the outside sky turn from black to gray, then to orange. I waited for my mother and father to find me. The orange sky turned blue as the day wore on, but they never came. An absolute silence hung over the house, yet still I sat there. It was well into the afternoon when I finally left my room. I knew I couldn’t stay there forever. I tiptoed slowly to my door and opened it only a few inches. Looking out from inside my room, the house appeared normal. Everything that I could see was in its place. I pulled the door open all the way, almost expecting the man from the night before to jump out at me, but that didn’t happen.
My voice broke the silence. “Mom? Dad?”

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Music by Myuu

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