I love writing, but I don’t have time to write my own stories every day. I also love voice overs, but I don’t work as a voice over artist. I’ve combined my two favorite hobbies and put them into Spooky Boo’s Scary Story Time website.

Many of these stories here I write. I do this when I have time to wake up in the morning with a nice cup of French roast and I can sit enjoying the beautiful blanket of coastal fog that rolls into my area overnight. Then I record the work, add some music, add some imagery, and whatever else might be needed then poof! I have a horror story narration that I can add to YouTube, Vidme, Twitch or wherever seems necessary. I then add it here to this website.

As I cannot write on a daily basis because of time constraints and responsibilities, I also record stories that I have permission to copy. These includes creepypasta stories, stories authors have given me exclusive permission to read, and other stories from around the web from sites such as Reddit. I always obtain permission to read the story. If you want me to read your story, please visit the submissions page.

So what is different from my narrations and podcasts? In addition to some unique listener stories and stories of my own, I also change up the creepypasta stories that I’m allowed to change up. I will post the text here of most of my changes to the original and link to the place where I found the original text. Sometimes I like to add my own spin. I add these changes to my narratives and podcasts.

I am not a professional writer. I have not been published by any magazines or publishers other than by other narrators on YouTube. This is a fun hobby for me that I hope you enjoy and come back often to visit. I would like to make this my “job” one day. Perhaps when I am old enough to retire it will be.


So sit back and grab a pair of headphones and listen. Think of it as your daily creepy horror channel.