Soylent Green is People!

Soylent Green is People!

I thought it was just a movie. Remember that movie? Soylent Green? It was back in the 60’s, I believe. They made a movie about turning people into instant food. I didn’t think it was true, I mean it is Hollywood, right?

Well, it isn’t Tinsel Town. I don’t know if Hollywood made the name up or if this new company made their name up or if it was one or the other. These days does it really even matter? Everyone copies the other. No one even has an original idea anymore and I thought these people were just playing on the name Soylent Green. Boy, was I wrong!

I ordered some just for kicks. It’s a meal replacement powder for those who want to lose weight or stay healthy. It has all of the essential and non-essential vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. The flavors are Lynched Lime, Gangster Grape, Hooked on Honeysuckle, and Murderous Mango. The names were pretty interesting and weird so I thought it was a great gimmick. It kind of grossed me out, but I had to try. They listed their ingredients as soy products and their own proprietary blend of flavors, vitamins, and minerals that came from all natural sources and includes at least 200% of your daily requirements of all vitamins and minerals then listed all of them–including the amino acids. It had everything and had the perfect combination of fat, protein, and carbs.

When the first shipment came in, I reluctantly tried it. The name still made me feel ill. I kept thinking of the line in the move Soylent Green where Charlton Heston who played Detective Thorn says “Ocean’s dying, plankton’s dying… it’s people. Soylent Green is made out of people. They’re making our food out of people. Next thing they’ll be breeding us like cattle for food. You’ve gotta tell them. You’ve gotta tell them!”

I mixed it with water. They said to always use water because the cattle were polluting our air with methane and that eating any kind of meat like cow and chicken was murder. I kind of laughed as I read that, still remembering the movie Soylent Green. If they joked about the flick, why couldn’t I? It wasn’t like they were actually crushing up human flesh and bones then pouring it into soft drinks.

The first taste surprised me. I was extremely pleased. It was not too sweet and it was beautifully tart–almost like a fresh squeezed lime. I love the tart flavor of limes, but I wanted to try all of them so I ordered the mixed flavor pack. I laughed at the names. They sounded like crazy phrases from a crime show. I couldn’t wait to see what they came out with for orange and punch flavors.

For days I consumed Soylent Green. It was the only thing I could eat! I felt so satisfied and full just after one glass. I had more energy than ever and not having the time to cook gave me more time to enjoy my wonderful drink. I was obsessed and needed more. They were out of Hooked on Honeydew, which was ok because it wasn’t my favorite, so I ordered more Lynched Lime and Gangster Grape. As I shook up a new mix of the two in the bottle that I ordered from Amazon just to mix my new favorite meal drink, the news came on with some astonishing information.

“Crime is down all over the country. Even in heavily concentrated spots where it seemed impossible to bring down the crime levels.”

I turned up the tv as I started up the treadmill and began my morning walking regimen. Same as it ever was. Crime might have lowered in our country, but in others it was up. War was still going. Terrorists were still bombing innocent people. Always depressing. At least I had my new drink and I could make my life better, I thought to myself. The news went on about people who were disappearing from the streets until someone started banging on my door.

The knocking brought me out of my self gratifying daze and I jumped off of the treadmill. “Let me in, Jess!”

“What is it, Paul?” It was a friend of mine I had known since high school. He let himself in and just started blabbering about our friend Sandee who had been missing for months.

“I thought I finally found her. When she lost her job she went to this homeless camp up in the city. They said she was there for months and then started turning tricks. Dammit, Jess. I wish I could have found her before that happened. I couldn’t find her in jail. They said they let her out and then lost track of her. The people at the homeless camp said she just disappeared after that without a trace. Just gone. Her tent and bags were gone, too. Some homeless shelter took them, but she never showed up there. I’m worried, Jess.”

He grabbed a Hooked on Honeydew drink and popped it open then started drinking. “Damn, this is good.”

I looked at the name of the drink and the company. “Soylent Green. Hooked on Honeydew. Soylent Green is people,” I said out loud, then thought about our friend. Then thought about the lesser crime and the missing people. Suddenly, I felt ill.

“What? You look green!” he looked at the can and covered his mouth real fast. “What the hell, Jess? Don’t think like that.”

“I can’t help, Paul. I mean, what if it’s true?”

“It’s just a movie, Jess. They aren’t really killing people and certainly not putting them into food. They wouldn’t do that.”

“People are missing all around the country, Paul. Everywhere. They were just reporting how it is people who wouldn’t be missed. Homeless, criminals without family. She had no family Paul, and we weren’t there for her.”

After I convinced him that something bad was going on, he agreed to help. We looked for our friend for months, but still couldn’t find her. People are still disappearing in the city and the new drink is the most popular ever. No one will test it for us. No one. Not the college, not even the cops. After I started asking around about testing the drink I began receiving anonymous threats over my email and my cell phone–on a number that no one knows. Now my friend Paul has gone missing and I’m scared. I don’t know who to turn to.

Soylent Green is real! It is People!

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I Shouldn’t Have Stared at the Eclipse

Darkness. That is all I see day-to-day is darkness. OK MOST of the time I see darkness. Other times I see…ugh let me start by telling you what happened.

It was 1979 and my class was really excited. The whole town was excited! We were going to be right in direct line to a solar eclipse. We were warned by the teachers, the press, the parents, basically by every adult NOT to even look at the eclipse. Not just a tiny bit because it could cause blindness. We could go blind for just a few seconds, or we could go blind forever. No one really knows because people typically don’t just stare at the eclipse and those that do don’t tell you what really happens.

There is a darkness in the world that only happens when the bright light of the sun is blocked and the ultra violet rays are still present. People claim it is ok to look when the diamond ring or Bailey’s Beads are visible, but DO NOT DO IT! They will come for you. They will take your sight and then they will haunt you forever.

I know, because it happened to me. We were all so excited. We built our little reflection boxes so we could see the eclipse happening before our eyes. You can’t see them when you’re not blind. You can’t hear them either. Their very existence is blocked. So there we were, happy little kids watching a once in a lifetime event through silly little boxes. I was not pleased. I was an adventurous and undisciplined little brat. I wanted to see it with my own eyes.

As the moon started to cover the sun, it grew dark outside. Nothing was out of the ordinary except it started to get cold and dark. You could hear a pin drop it was so quiet. People were probably watching through their stupid handmade boxes. I looked around and noticed that none of the teachers were paying attention to us. The adults were so obsessed with seeing the eclipse as they that they didn’t care to notice if we were looking at all.

As it passed overhead and it grew dark enough to peek, I lowered my box enough to take a glimpse. It was beautiful, dazzling. There wasn’t complete darkness, but it was very dark. I stared in awe at the beautiful ring of the sun for about 30 seconds until I heard them. The growls and the whispers. The chatter was all around me and growing louder. Suddenly, I dropped my gaze and realized that all I could see was that ring of the sun. I closed my eyes tight and rubbed them. The reflection of the ring wouldn’t go away–and neither would they.

When I opened my eyes I couldn’t see anything. Suddenly, I felt a scratch on my leg. I looked down and saw it. At first I thought it was a rat, but then I noticed it had a malnourished human body. It’s blanched skin was stretched tightly over its bones. Long, razor sharp fingernails protruded from the tips of its fingers and toes. It looked up at me and smiled this hideous grin with razor sharp teeth and a mouth that stretched from ear to ear. It’s wretched fingernail trailed down my leg and blood started trickling down in little droplets. The cut wasn’t enough to cause major bleeding, but it was obvious. It licked the droplets with a long, snakelike tongue then smiled for more.

I jumped back, suddenly aware that I couldn’t see anything. When I fell into Houston, the fat and ugly school bully, he pushed me then I slammed into Julia and stepped on her toes through her sandals. When she screamed, I felt someone grab my forearm and start to shake me. “Jennifer! Are you okay? Did you look at the sun?”

It was my teacher’s voice. She put her arm around me and helped me back to the office where I waited while the school nurse bandaged up my leg. It was quiet in here. There was no whispering or ugly little creatures waiting to carve my skin into a fresh meal. I closed my eyes and curled up on the nurse’s table and fell asleep.

A few minutes later my mother rushed into the room, waking me up. For a moment I had forgotten all about the little creatures. I could see the outline of my mom, but nothing else. If I focused on one object I could see the outline, but not the object itself. It was all a huge blur. I heard her thanking the nurse and then dialing the phone to call our doctor. I just sat there–a little shocked but wondering if what I had seen was real.

My mom helped me to sit in a wheelchair the school owned for emergencies and I could hear the nurse and teacher not far behind as my mother wheeled me outside. There they were, outside playing in the grass and jumping in front of cars with the cars never hitting them. I looked in all directions and those things were everywhere. Scrawny little human demons laughing at us as went through our  boring, daily lives.

There was one with blood on its claws. It laughed with the others as if telling a crude joke and then it noticed me. The slender tongue licked its lips and its eyes never left mine. I could see all the bones working on the scraggy body as it inched its way toward me, smiling and licking its lips. It jumped on me, tearing the flesh on my arms with its tiny little claws. I kicked and screamed wildly, “Get it off of me!” I cried out with my arms flailing like crazy.

My mom cradled me and put me into the car as I screamed and just like that it was gone. I would think I was losing my mind, but I knew the scratches were there. My arm burned where those hideous claws slapped me. Mom held my hand as she drove me to the doctor and calmed me. We pulled into the parking structure and walked to the elevator. I noticed the demons all playing in the sunlight, but not inside the parking lot realizing they can’t play outside of the sun.

“Mom, can’t you see them?” I sobbed.

“See what, honey?” She knelt down in front of me and wiped my tears away.

“The little demons. They’re everywhere, but not in here. Not inside of buildings or the car, only in the sunlight.”

“No honey, there are no little demons. Oh look at that, you must have scratched yourself in your tantrum,” she used a tissue from her purse to wipe up the droplets of blood on my arm.

“They’re there mom and they’re waiting for me!”

The doctors all thought I was in shock after losing my eyesight and gave mom some meds to put me on so I could sleep. I refused to go outside ever again. I can see them playing in my yard during the day. At night they all disappear. My parents think I have an anxiety disorder and I just pass it off as such. I won’t leave my house ever again because I can see things no one else can and if they realize that I can see them then I am dead.

Two Scary Boy Scout Stories


These stories were sent to me anonymously over email and are allegedly true.
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Someone Attacked Our Scout Camp

One summer I went camping with my troop and it was the last time that I had camped. I didn’t stop camping because of what happened, I just grew out of it but that doesn’t mean that it didn’t scare the crap out of me.

It was late one night and our chaperone fell asleep early. He normally didn’t do this, but we think that he was coming down with something during the trip. We let him fall asleep then we all huddled by the fire and told scary camping stories while we roasted marshmallows. At about 10 PM we all went to our tents to sleep. Of course, we didn’t sleep. We did the Morse code we learned that day through our tents to talk to each other. It was pretty funny since we didn’t know what we were really saying and guessed most of it.

At about an hour later we all started to fall asleep tent by tent. I was almost there, kind of half dreaming and half away when I heard footsteps outside my tent. I thought they were the footsteps of our counselor, but they were weird. It was almost as if one foot was a lazy foot and would drag behind the other one. I unzipped my tent and peered out. There was a man who looked like an old hunter with a plaid shirt and a huge knife just walking around the camp. He was getting into all of the boxes and ice chests, pretty much ignoring the tents. Then he started snooping around the actual tents. First he went to Robby’s tent. He unzipped it and peered in then closed it. He did this to each tent until he got to mine. I fell back and pulled the sleeping bag over my head.

“I know you’re awake.” he grumbled.

I was shivering, ready to pee my pajama pants. He hadn’t hurt the others so I’m sure that he wouldn’t hurt me. Then I thought about what would happen if he knew I saw his face? A million scenes ran through my mind, none of them good.

“I have an old hog to cut up,” I watched the tip of his knife run down the side of my tent. “You can come watch if you want. They bleed a lot. I think you would like it.”

Tears welling in my eyes, I pulled the sleeping bag further over my head.

“I bet you bleed a lot too.” he laughed.

Then I heard our boxes getting kicked over or thrown. He was pouring our drinks out when the camp chaperone came out of his tent, probably because of all the noise.

“Hey! What’s going on?” he shouted at the guy and I could hear him trying to dial the numbers on his cell phone while forgetting we didn’t have service where we were. It must have scared the creep away because I could hear the bushes rustling near by as he hobbled off.

The next morning we packed everything up and went to the park ranger’s station to report the incident and ultimately the police. I had a slice in my new tent that I wasn’t too happy about. There were no reports of anyone living in the area that resembled the old man except about 20 years back some old guy fell off one of the cliffs over the river and was thought to have drowned. He had a limp from his leg not completely working right where it was bit by a dog from a campsite he was raiding. Everyone thought he was dead, but obviously he isn’t.

The End

Something Weird in the Woods. Bigfoot Maybe?

I was a Boy Scout growing up and had a lot of fun with some life long friends. There is one camping incident that really stuck in my head. The chosen spot was one we all had to hike to. We had out backpacks and gear and made it up the trail. It was about 85 degrees outside and it felt like 120 carrying the backpacks and our other supplies. There were cabins at the top of the hill and a nice little campground. Our Scout leader wanted us to experience the hiking so he had parked his car up at the campsite for any emergencies before he hiked up the hill with us.

Once we got there, we unpacked everything and were really relieved that we had little cabins to stay in as it was kind of cold at night in the mountains. We setup camp and by the time we were done, it was dinner time. We cooked hotdogs over the fire and while we ate we went over a few details about camping, poison oak, and a little bit of history of our troop. Then we started to tell urban legend stories. One kid asked if we had heard about Bigfoot. Of course all of us had so we laughed about it. No one really believed it. He was ridiculed for the rest of the night until we all went to bed.

While we were all sleeping in our cabins that night, something got into all of our supplies. Whatever it was did it real quiet like because none of us woke up during the night. Our food was scattered everywhere. Our counselor said it was probably a skunk and we were lucky that we didn’t see it or we would spend the rest of the trip smelling. We helped him salvage what was left and locked it in his car. Luckily for us, he already had brought extra knowing something like this would happen so we were still well fed and ready for the next few nights.

The next night while we were sleeping I awoke to this really weird grunting noise. Thinking that it might be a skunk, I didn’t look at first but then I heard heavy, padded footsteps. Curious, I peered through the cabin window and suddenly couldn’t breathe as I saw it. It was this ape like thing. About 9 feet tall and really super hairy. It had a face that looked more human than ape though. I slid to the floor pulling my knees to my chest. I wasn’t going to let this thing know I was awake.

The next morning the campsite looked normal except when the counselor went to his truck we could hear all kinds of swearing. We ran over and saw what had happened. There were big claw marks in the side of the door where something tried to pry the door open.

“I saw a creature last night. It was real hairy and look like a man. Maybe he did it?”

The counselor looked over at me, slightly annoyed. “What probably did this was a bear. What you saw was probably in a dream from all of those Bigfoot stories you guys were telling.”

I was insulted and upset. I wasn’t one to argue with people who were older than I so I just held it inside. The next night though, something weird had happened. When I woke up my cabin door was ajar and someone had left a trail of food to my cabin. There was more cursing and yelling by our counselor as he looked at his now opened door on the other side of the car. Someone had pried it open somehow.

He looked directly at me then at the trail of food. “Get hungry last night?”

“Um no. It wasn’t me. I just woke up.”

He started to run at me and I ran back into my cabin and shut the door. It was then when I saw the footprints on the dusty floor. They were big prints, much too big for a human, but in human form. I moved away from the door and let the counselor in. He stopped yelling when he saw the print.

“Did you just draw that in the dust? Don’t lie now.”

“No,” I stammered.

He looked around the cabin and found some long hair that resembled dog hair stuck in one of the drawers. “Do you know what this is?”


“OK You’re off the hook. Something is going after our food.”

The next night we put the food in the big cabin and we all slept in there. In the middle of the night there was a lot of banging in the cabins and in the car outside. Something tried to open the big cabin’s door several times then stopped. Whatever or whoever it was was smart enough to know how to turn a door handle. When we went out in the morning there were huge footprints coming to and leaving from the cabin.

I never went camping again.

Fidget Spinner Addiction by Spooky Boo


This story is by Spooky Boo

I made a mistake. A BIG mistake! Over a month ago I was surfing through the online classifieds and I came across this free box of stuff that was posted to Craigslist. I sell a lot of things that I get for free from Craigslist on eBay and Amazon. I know it seems like a scam, but it isn’t. If people are willing to just give things away, then why not sell them?

The box had a lot of junk that I gave away on FreeCycle, I do that so I can build my customer list. I know, that sounds scammy as well, but these people will take junk off my hands in minutes or buy incredible items when offered. So I keep their emails. Is that a crime? I don’t SPAM them. I send a message asking if they would like to be notified. OK? Don’t judge me.

While giving away the items and clearing out the box, I came across this thing called a fidget spinner. At first I wasn’t sure what it was, but then when I realized that it could spin between my middle finger and thumb at an even pace, I was fascinated. My first thought was to sell it, but every time I went to list the spinner I couldn’t do it. I would pick it up and spin it for a few minutes and then do it again. Soon, I was only spinning it over and over again. Everything in the box was gone and I was still spinning that damn thing.

After I started playing with it, I realized that almost everyone had one. Where had I been hiding? They were everywhere with people spinning them. I was no exception. I spun it night and day. It was prettier than all the others. There weren’t any lights on it, but it would light up as it spun. It also made this weird humming noise. I went in and tried others in the store, but none were like this at all. I compared it to the fidget spinners my friends used and none of them could come even close. They wanted to try and I would just laugh at them. I always said no.

It wasn’t until after the first month I had it that I realized I had a problem. It was like an addiction. It was like that feeling one gets when holding a cigarette between your fingers and taking a very long puff. I couldn’t stop. I had been spinning for five days while at work, at home. I wasn’t sleeping. I didn’t realize this until I looked in the mirror and saw the bags under my eyes. Even when I went into work people asked if I wasn’t feeling well. When my boss called me into his office he told me to go home and get some rest after scolding me for not getting any work done.

When I got home, I just kept on spinning…and spinning. It was talking to me, I know it was. If I listened closely, I could hear it humming my name and whispering unintelligible phrases. I could even hear it laughing at me. It became hard to sleep at night at all while I sat on the couch and just watched the erroneous lights on the ends flash in different colors as it turned and turned and turned.

I’d find myself falling asleep and when the buzzing and whispering stopped, I would bolt up again and start spinning. It never ended. After 3 weeks, work fired me. I had no excuse. No doctors note. I stayed home sick for weeks and they called me and told me I was no longer helping the department and had to leave. They asked if everything was ok and if I needed any kind of help while finding a new job, I just hung up the phone then found 2 weeks of severance in my bank account the next day.

Two weeks later I found myself still spinning.  I was weak from not eating and most likely severely dehydrated, but I couldn’t stop. The voices in the fidget spinner calmed me as it went round and round. Yesterday they turned off the lights and cable. I have no money to pay the bill. I chew on ice cubes so I don’t have to get up and get water. I think I’ve lost about 40 pounds just spinning and not eating.

“This has to stop now!” I managed through the tears. I stared at my reflection of my defunct television. Just a hollow shell, void of life, stared back at me. The only light was the spinner. I had shut all of the blinds so I could watch the lights in awe. Now that I’ve noticed my reflection, I’m terrified.

I stumbled into the kitchen and grabbed my electric knife. Stupidly I plugged it into the wall forgetting I couldn’t turn it on. The fidget spinner just spun, mocking me as I threw the knife on the ground. Through the tears I searched my knife drawer and found a steak knife. I started to cut at the skin on my wrist but the spinner mocked me. It laughed and hummed in a whimsical tune that a steak knife wasn’t sharp enough. Then I grabbed the bread knife and started to saw, half screaming until I passed out.

When I came to, I was weak. There was blood everywhere, but there was some relief. When I had passed out the fidget spinner had stopped and so had the bleeding. It wasn’t enough. With my right hand I tapped the end and it started spinning again, whispering and laughing. I dug deeper into the knife drawer and finally found it! With one large swoop and putting all of the strength I had left into my right arm, I sliced right down into my left wrist with the meat cleaver. I cried out as my hand tumbled across the floor, still grasping on to the fidget spinner. It continued to spin and laugh me as the room grew dark.

That is why I’m here, at the State Hospital for people with mental diseases. I sit here watching my stump in horror as I can still feel the presence of my hand and that damn fidget spinner.

This story is not under the CC license and is copyrighted by Spooky Boo. If you want to use this story in a video, please send a message to Spooky Boo directly. Thank you.