Late Night in the Hot Tub by Killahawke1


Vapor climbs into the night air in elegant, wispy streams. It rises delicately into the air before disappearing. It’s one o’clock in the morning. Light snow is falling. I live alone. The neighborhood is dark and still; the ideal time to grab a glass of wine, strip down and hop into the hot tub nestled privately in my backyard.

Winter time always dries out my sinuses, and the steam from the ninety-nine-degree water is refreshing. I lean back, close my eyes, and listen to the comforting water churn and bubble around me. Nothing is wrong in the world right now. I sit content, relishing this perfect moment in time.

That’s when I hear it. Faint stirring and the falling of debris coming from the rooftop of the house. I think to myself, “Son of a bitch! There’s someone on my roof!” I reach for my towel to cover myself when I see it. A long shaky hand emerges from the rooftop. It explores around, touching each of the roof-shingle as if it is trying to find just the right spot to grip. The other hand appears and does the same; then a third and fourth hand emerge.

As it pulls itself up further over the edge of the roof, its thin and long body comes into full view. It resembles a short, toned male, except for the two extra arms. Its skin is jet-black and rough as if its body was charred and burned. I immediately lower myself into the steamy water as far as I can; the water level is reaching just below my nose. I press myself against the side of the tub, hoping the darkness and billowing steam will hide my presence from this terrifying creature scuttling on my rooftop just ten feet away.

In spite of its trembling, it moves from the rooftop to the edge of the house with the purposeful movement of a tarantula, lifting one hand high into the air before bringing it down, feeling around the surface before moving the other limb. Then it does the impossible. It lowers itself over the edge and begins crawling on the wall! The comparison of this man-spider is now complete. I gasp from surprise, taking in a little water through my nose. I snort and contain my coughs as well as I can. I slide deeper into the water, my eyes just above the waterline now, like I was pretending to be a silly alligator.

It jerks its head piercingly upward and sniffs the air! My eyes widen. It flicks its head to the left. Tears swell in my eyes from the fear. It twists its head sharply to the right and inhales the air. I sink even lower and go prone to the hot tub’s wall, my heart thumping in my chest and water splashing in my face.

It resumes snaking alongside my house like a nightmarish arachnid. It goes from window to window, checking to see if any will open. It meticulously pulls on each window frame and presses a clubbed hand against every window pane. Flashes of panic fill my heart at the thought of that horrid thing gaining entry to my home. I try to think of anything within my immediate reach that I could use as a weapon.

Luck seems to be on my side. Every window was locked and shut tight. It drops its shoulder in disappointment and slowly makes its way to the edge of the house, leaps high into the air and lands on a nearby tree. It disappears into the night as if it had never been there.

I slowly slip out the warm comfort of the tub’s water and reach for my towel. One foot over the edge and then the other. The water drips from my body as I exit the tub. Crash! I am paralyzed with gut retching fear from the shattered wine glass I had put on the edge of the towel. To hell with the modesty! I run buck naked for the door!

Ten feet! I see the shape of a man rustle in the trees. Six eyes reflect the moonlight, and it shrieks a god-awful scream!

Eight feet! With loud snapping and breaking of tree limbs, it leaps high into the air and lands on the roof’s edge!

Four feet! I slip on the icy porch, skinning my elbows and knees!

Two feet! It drops to the ground and scurries on the snow. Yellow drool pours out of its mouth, prominently standing out in contrast to its obsidian flesh.

One foot! I lay against the door. The door knob slipping in my wet and trembling fingers! Hissing and gurgling are growing louder and stronger!


I pull myself inside and past the door’s frame, slam the door and lock it! Not a second later, a crash of something slamming into the wooden door booms across the dark house.

I lay with my back against the door in case it tries to force its way through it, but no more sounds come from the other side of the door. I turn and slowly lift my head to peer out through the window. Our eyes meet, only a thin pane of glass separating us. It glares at me intently with six unblinking six eyes, then in a flash, it’s gone.

That was two months ago. It still comes most nights; not every night, but most nights. No one believes me. Every day, before sunset, I check every window and every door to make sure they are locked. I dread the day that I forget to lock that one single window. It will eventually get inside. It’s getting smarter. It won’t be long before it realizes it doesn’t have to move on just because this flimsy window is locked.


Three Frighteningly True Stories About Black Eyed Kids (BEKs)

True Scary Stories | The BEKs Knew I was at the Door!

Sent in via anonymous email.

About a year ago I was home alone doing my homework when there was a knock at the door. My dog started flipping out and jumping up and down next to the door. I figured that it was someone with a dog as well so I quietly walked up to the door to see what was going on before opening it.

I looked through the peephole and saw the strangest two teens I had ever seen. They looked like they were Amish or something with bowl haircuts and old clothes. There was something off about them though. It was that they kept looking down.

I didn’t say a word, but somehow they knew I was there. The first one who looked like a girl says, “May we come in?”

How the hell did she even know I was there? She wasn’t even looking up at the peep hole and I hadn’t made a sound.

The boy then said, “May we used your phone?”

I started to panic. They sounded almost like robots. I kept staring out the peep hole when they both look up and the girl says, “Our mother will be worried.”

Upon seeing their eyes, I felt myself falling down to the floor. I wanted to answer it but Mixie, my dog, kept on barking really mean like she was going to attack them and I didn’t want her getting in trouble by the police.

They kept on knocking and talking for about 10 minutes then nothing. It was like they just vanished. I looked out the peephole and they were gone. The dog stopped barking and everything was fine.

True Scary Stories | Black-Eyed Kids Halloween Visit

This story is sent in by an anonymous listener.

When I was a kid I went trick-or-treating every year. I used to wear cute little princess costumes until I got older and dressed in really dark clothes. I really enjoyed it. I still go to work in costumers on Halloween, but this story is about a couple of kids trick-or-treating at my door.

My mom and dad were divorced. He never came by anymore and my mom had to work all of the time. The last I heard he was in jail and that is why he stopped coming over. Mom never told me because I guess she didn’t want it to hurt me. The first year she had to work on Halloween. She knew I was going trick-or-treating with my friend Rue and then told me to stay at Rue’s house until she could pick me up. I didn’t want to do that. There are things about Rue’s family that she didn’t know. On the outside they look perfect, but her uncle was a pig and I didn’t like to be there when he was around and neither did she so I invited Rue over to pass out candy with me.

We had a huge bowl of candy that mom bought before she realized that she had to work. We were there watching scary movies and we were going to watch them all night and get back to Rue’s house right before mom got off work. A little bit after 8 pm the doorbell rang. We decided that after this last round of kids we would start walking over to Rue’s house.

The knock was strange. It wasn’t like a hper little kid, it was slow. The moment I touched the doorknob, I felt like rubber. My legs wanted to give out on me and my mind was screaming DON’T OPEN THE DOOR! I did anyway. I yanked it open and there stood these two kids with the two most emo costumes I had ever seen. Rue started laughing out loud and I wanted to, but something inside said no, don’t.

The shot a glance at her and immediately she stopped laughed and sat down, staring at the TV. Then they turned back to me. They looked like farm kids whose bowl hair cuts had been outdated 30 years before. I swear they had all black contact lenses in, or were they? Their eyes seemed to glow black. I don’t know if that makes any sense.

I grabbed some candy from the bowl then wondered where their buckets or pillow cases were.

“We need to call our parents.” the boy said.

“We must use your phone.” the girl said immediately after.

They were way too creepy for me so I tossed the candy at them and slammed the door in their faces. Rue was still sitting on the chair and coming out of whatever was wrong with her  and I was still shaking. We decided to call my mom and tell her that I had broke the rules. Suffering the consequences was way better than dealing with these black-eyed kids.

Black-Eyed Kids Send My Sister to the Hospital

by an anonymous emailer

I don’t know how to describe this very well. Last night my mom and dad went out on their normal date so I stayed home to babysit my little sister. They weren’t going to go out at first, but she called me at the last minute and I showed up. I felt like I needed to. I don’t know why, it was this really weird feeling that I just had to be there.

They left about five minutes after I got there. Debs and I were watching old re-runs of Are You Afraid of the Dark and she was getting a little hungry so I went to go make some popcorn. It took about 10 minutes to make the popcorn and when I came back she was standing there with the door wide open with two little kids around 12 staring at her. I saw the look on her face and it was so scary. She looked hypnotized and sick.

I felt the urge to vomit as I ran closer, but I had to get her away from the door. I told them to go home and when I tried to pick her up and take her hand off the doorknob, she just froze up stiff as a board. She also wouldn’t release her grip on the door.

“We only want to use your phone.” One of the kids said.

“What the hell did you to her, you little brats?”

My first thought was drugs because she was just unresponsive, but I couldn’t figure out how they would give them to her. I thought maybe they gave it to her as candy, but she wouldn’t be frozen like this.

I tried to kick the door closed, but her grip was so tight that I almost dropped her while losing my balance.

“We need to call home,” said the other kid.

I needed to deal with these kids. I grabbed the phone off of the coffee table, but the line was dead and my cell phone was in the kitchen, too far away for me to grab it and call 911 without leaving her so I thought maybe I could shut the door and drag her with it then lock it.

“Please, let us in.”

I looked at the boy who said it, and when I did I felt like I was going to fall down, but I didn’t. The room suddenly grew dark all around me and the only focus I had was on his eyes. Those eyes. Those deep black pools of eyes.

“We will get in trouble if we don’t call,” said the girl.

“Yes, the phone is dead. I must get my cell for you.” I couldn’t help it. It was like they had me under their control. Before inviting them in, I turned to the hallway and noticed that my sister’s hand had dropped from the doorknob. It was at that moment I got control of myself and kicked the door shut. I scooped her up and brought her to bed.

They were still knocking as I covered her and started to dial 911 on the cell phone. Not even 10 minutes later the cops and an ambulance show up. It was weird because the knocking was still going on when they were pulling up, but when they got to the door the kids were gone. I even asked them if they had seen the kids outside and they said no.

She’s fine now. They said it was probably just an anxiety attack from the movies were watching, but I know better.


Two Scary Boy Scout Camping Stories by Anonymous Readers


Someone Attacked Our Scout Camp

One summer I went camping with my troop and it was the last time that I had camped. I didn’t stop camping because of what happened, I just grew out of it but that doesn’t mean that it didn’t scare the crap out of me.
It was late one night and our chaperone fell asleep early. He normally didn’t do this, but we think that he was coming down with something during the trip. We let him fall asleep then we all huddled by the fire and told scary camping stories while we roasted marshmallows. At about 10 PM we all went to our tents to sleep. Of course, we didn’t sleep. We did the Morse code we learned that day through our tents to talk to each other. It was pretty funny since we didn’t know what we were really saying and guessed most of it.
At about an hour later we all started to fall asleep tent by tent. I was almost there, kind of half dreaming and half away when I heard footsteps outside my tent. I thought they were the footsteps of our counselor, but they were weird. It was almost as if one foot was a lazy foot and would drag behind the other one. I unzipped my tent and peered out. There was a man who looked like an old hunter with a plaid shirt and a huge knife just walking around the camp. He was getting into all of the boxes and ice chests, pretty much ignoring the tents. Then he started snooping around the actual tents. First he went to Robby’s tent. He unzipped it and peered in then closed it. He did this to each tent until he got to mine. I fell back and pulled the sleeping bag over my head.
“I know you’re awake.” he grumbled.
I was shivering, ready to pee my pajama pants. He hadn’t hurt the others so I’m sure that he wouldn’t hurt me. Then I thought about what would happen if he knew I saw his face? A million scenes ran through my mind, none of them good.
“I have an old hog to cut up,” I watched the tip of his knife run down the side of my tent. “You can come watch if you want. They bleed a lot. I think you would like it.”
Tears welling in my eyes, I pulled the sleeping bag further over my head.
“I bet you bleed a lot too.” he laughed.
Then I heard our boxes getting kicked over or thrown. He was pouring our drinks out when the camp chaperone came out of his tent, probably because of all the noise.
“Hey! What’s going on?” he shouted at the guy and I could hear him trying to dial the numbers on his cell phone while forgetting we didn’t have service where we were. It must have scared the creep away because I could hear the bushes rustling near by as he hobbled off.
The next morning we packed everything up and went to the park ranger’s station to report the incident and ultimately the police. I had a slice in my new tent that I wasn’t too happy about. There were no reports of anyone living in the area that resembled the old man except about 20 years back some old guy fell off one of the cliffs over the river and was thought to have drowned. He had a limp from his leg not completely working right where it was bit by a dog from a campsite he was raiding. Everyone thought he was dead, but obviously he isn’t.

The End

Something Weird in the Woods. Bigfoot Maybe?

I was a Boy Scout growing up and had a lot of fun with some life long friends. There is one camping incident that really stuck in my head. The chosen spot was one we all had to hike to. We had out backpacks and gear and made it up the trail. It was about 85 degrees outside and it felt like 120 carrying the backpacks and our other supplies. There were cabins at the top of the hill and a nice little campground. Our Scout leader wanted us to experience the hiking so he had parked his car up at the campsite for any emergencies before he hiked up the hill with us.

Once we got there, we unpacked everything and were really relieved that we had little cabins to stay in as it was kind of cold at night in the mountains. We setup camp and by the time we were done, it was dinner time. We cooked hotdogs over the fire and while we ate we went over a few details about camping, poison oak, and a little bit of history of our troop. Then we started to tell urban legend stories. One kid asked if we had heard about Bigfoot. Of course all of us had so we laughed about it. No one really believed it. He was ridiculed for the rest of the night until we all went to bed.

While we were all sleeping in our cabins that night, something got into all of our supplies. Whatever it was did it real quiet like because none of us woke up during the night. Our food was scattered everywhere. Our counselor said it was probably a skunk and we were lucky that we didn’t see it or we would spend the rest of the trip smelling. We helped him salvage what was left and locked it in his car. Luckily for us, he already had brought extra knowing something like this would happen so we were still well fed and ready for the next few nights.

The next night while we were sleeping I awoke to this really weird grunting noise. Thinking that it might be a skunk, I didn’t look at first but then I heard heavy, padded footsteps. Curious, I peered through the cabin window and suddenly couldn’t breathe as I saw it. It was this ape like thing. About 9 feet tall and really super hairy. It had a face that looked more human than ape though. I slid to the floor pulling my knees to my chest. I wasn’t going to let this thing know I was awake.

The next morning the campsite looked normal except when the counselor went to his truck we could hear all kinds of swearing. We ran over and saw what had happened. There were big claw marks in the side of the door where something tried to pry the door open.

“I saw a creature last night. It was real hairy and look like a man. Maybe he did it?”

The counselor looked over at me, slightly annoyed. “What probably did this was a bear. What you saw was probably in a dream from all of those Bigfoot stories you guys were telling.”

I was insulted and upset. I wasn’t one to argue with people who were older than I so I just held it inside. The next night though, something weird had happened. When I woke up my cabin door was ajar and someone had left a trail of food to my cabin. There was more cursing and yelling by our counselor as he looked at his now opened door on the other side of the car. Someone had pried it open somehow.

He looked directly at me then at the trail of food. “Get hungry last night?”

“Um no. It wasn’t me. I just woke up.”

He started to run at me and I ran back into my cabin and shut the door. It was then when I saw the footprints on the dusty floor. They were big prints, much too big for a human, but in human form. I moved away from the door and let the counselor in. He stopped yelling when he saw the print.

“Did you just draw that in the dust? Don’t lie now.”

“No,” I stammered.

He looked around the cabin and found some long hair that resembled dog hair stuck in one of the drawers. “Do you know what this is?”


“OK You’re off the hook. Something is going after our food.”

The next night we put the food in the big cabin and we all slept in there. In the middle of the night there was a lot of banging in the cabins and in the car outside. Something tried to open the big cabin’s door several times then stopped. Whatever or whoever it was was smart enough to know how to turn a door handle. When we went out in the morning there were huge footprints coming to and leaving from the cabin.

I never went camping again.



Three Terrifying Demon Stories

My Sister Is A Demon

This is an allegedly true story by a listener.

This is a true story and I’m very afraid. My sister and I have always been close. We have never been apart until she went off to college. I’m a few years behind so I won’t be leaving for another 3 years. Despite the fact that we are 3 years apart, we are still very close. We share everything from cloths to makeup to even shoes.

Well, when came home last summer she wouldn’t share anything with me at all. Nothing. I begged and pleaded. At first she just ignored me and then she started complaining to mom that I wouldn’t leave her alone. Then she started keeping really odd hours. She would leave around 10 pm and then not come back until the morning and she’d sleep all day. I told her that she was a slut because she was out sleeping with some guy probably, and she just shrugged and walked away. Had I done that when she still lived here she would have slapped me!

I followed her one night. I knew I would probably get into trouble, but I didn’t care. She walked to the corner of the street about a block away then got into the car with a bunch of guys. Creepy looking guys. I think one even saw me because when he turned around he had glowing red eyes and he peered at me. I know I heard the car stop then and I started running. I heard it peel out behind me and I jumped into the bushes then when they drove by they all laughed. I heard my sister yell, “go home little bitch!”

That hurt. Bad. She was never mean like that. So I told mom and mom said that since she was in college and on a scholarship that it is time she figure things out for herself. It is SO frustrating!

Well, I know what she is now. She’s a demon. Last night when she came home, those guys dropped her off but it wasn’t her who got out of the car. When she got out her legs were longer, her hands were huge and longer. Her hair even looked longer! And then, two big wings popped from behind her back. They shook a few times then went inside of her body. It was then that I really realized she was totally naked and her skin as a reddish brown. Then she shook all over from her hair to her feet and almost magically she was herself again in the clothes that she left in.

I didn’t wait. I ran back in the house screaming that she was a demon. Mom came in all concerned when Marjoie walked into the house then told me to go to bed. A few minutes later she comes in and her stomach looked really, really big. She looked at me and burped and her eyes flashed yellow and red.

I ran out and couldn’t find mom anywhere. I’ve been hiding around the house, waiting for mom to come home. I don’t want to go out when Marjorie is out there or she might hurt me. I have to find mom though. I’m scared. I don’t know where she is.