Death by Dark Web Feederism by Spooky Boo

This story is going through editing. I lost the original text and this is taken through auto transcription. It will be completed soon. For now, listen to the podcast or the video. Enjoy!
I have always been a sucker for a good
feederism show. I have this addiction to
food and even though it will make me fat.
I just want to keep eating and eating. I
limit myself though as I don’t want to be
overweight so I enjoy watching other
people consume copious amounts of food
for their own pleasure.
The videos always seem so fake.
Time after time I would run into a cam
girl or a porn show where either she
would be real fat and just eat on the
cam or the porn show would be mostly
about porn and no real intention of the
person getting fatter and fatter.
I wanted to see a person gorge on food. I
wanted to see how much they could handle
before they gave up so I started visiting theaters and forums and asking
around. Everyone was really quite clueless no one really understood what I
wanted. They were all into the fantasy as
well and didn’t want to show their faces
on cam nor did they have anyone to feed
them. I was so bummed.
“Doesn’t anyone really eat and get fat a command?”
I screamed on the keyboard in one forum
my yahoo messenger chimed at me I looked
at Yahoo and there was an ID requesting
a chat I didn’t recognize but the name
was Chowdown two four six zero zero one.
I was quite intrigued by them so I
accepted the request yes I quizzed I can
help you the absent voice on the other
end typed help me with wet there was a
short pause and then chao sent a picture
of a man tied up on a chair dressed in a
gimp suit it was tied up in his stomach
was swelling in such a way there was no
way it was normal what is this another
porn show
I quickly typed a little annoyed not at
all this is a live show about to happen
right now
suddenly a download file popped up on my
screen download this file click on the
server fat s BDSM and type in the
passcode a purse and 3d f20 a app it
will let you in not really carry if it
was a virus or not I downloaded the file
and opened it for a moment nothing
happened then a server browser popped up
with many different server names and
numbers I scrolled through the list
until I found fat ass BDSM and clicked
on it within a few moments a dialog
popped up asking for the password I
typed it in and waited suddenly a large
window popped up with a different guy
sitting in the chair he was a bit fatter
than the other there were two windows
next to his picture one with the list of
names and the other with a chat these
people were participating in I looked at
the names and realized they were the
pass codes used hmm anonymous I liked
that I smiled the man in the chair had a
leather mask over his head and a mouth
and eyes completely cut out the rest of
his body was naked except for the boxers
his hands were bound behind his back and
his legs are bound to the legs of the
chair I could see a smile on his face
through the cut leather a woman walked
into the room she was dressed like a
housewife in the 1950s her black hair
was pulled up into a ponytail and her
1950s dress looked like she was about
ready to go to a sock hop
she wore five-inch heels with bobby
socks and a plaid skirt this was really
becoming amusing I was about to log off
then she rolled a table into the room on
the table was an assortment of food from
Donuts to a huge pan of lasagna there
was so much food that no way anyone
could eat the whole thing
feet of donuts one of the chatters spoke
up she started to feed the man the
doughnuts one at a time he chewed them
up and swallowed like nothing was going
on make him drink a soda
another chowder typed she smiled
grab the back of his mask it pulled his
head back she started pouring soda into
his mouth until he gagged and chipped
when he spit it out she slapped him soda
was dribbling down his chin and making a
big mess on the floor when he burped say
excuse me bitch someone typed she
slapped him again say excuse me
he did then the text started to get
violent hey bitch give the fat fuck more
she wagged her finger at the cameras of
condemning the swearing and picked up a
bunch of lasagna with her hands and
started shoving it into his mouth pile
after pile of lasagna went into his
mouth and he chewed and swallowed until
he couldn’t take any more he started to
rush and she slapped him if he wretches
again punch him in the gut she shoved
more soda and lasagna into his mouth and
he started to gag she punched him in the
gut twice he stopped and accepted more
food this time somehow managing to keep
it down as she poured more soda down his
throat tears started to squeeze to the
bottom of his mask his bare stomach was
getting so big that it possibly couldn’t
be normal
I was curious why this guy wasn’t
vomiting yet because that was something
I did not want to see why hasn’t he
puked yet I typed immediately regretting
what I wrote she gave me a wicked grin
then poured more soda down his throat
and started smacking him over and over
again until he retched and let out soda
all over the floor he tried again but
she held a smell shut he spasmed and
voluntarily until the feelings of cited
I supposed
dump all of that pie in his mouth the
man screamed something that sounded like
safe word safe word but she shook her
head no kill him with the food the
commands were going one after the other
it was revolting and scary this wasn’t
be tourism this was murder
make him eat and die save word he bawled
and tried to jump from the chair his
restraints held him as he crashed to the
floor he stared right at me I could see
the pain in his eyes the woman brought
out a funnel and a tube then attached it
to his head and a halter and held the
funnel with her hand while she held him
down with her foot she started pouring
the chocolate milk mixture into the
funnel and as he swallowed and swallowed
it was gone the next one started and he
continued to try and drink but his eyes
were bulging and his stomach was so
stretched that it looked like it would
burst he kept on drinking the chatter
started to put up dollar figures in the
chat window
it started with twenty five dollars and
then went up to nine hundred and ninety
five then stayed for two minutes while
she continued to fill him up with
chocolate mix there was a bell sound in
the room it was the first time she spoke
it sounded that maybe she was rushing
995 is the top bid what would you like
the patron five-string 3 as 0-1 took a
moment to type it out in the words of
horror across the screen took me by
surprise pour the mix in his funnel
until his stomach ruptures
I heard it too Ching sound and the words
winner were now next to five string 3s 0
– one’s name a short man about 4 foot 3
filled in a lot of chocolate mix already
made and set it beside the woman the
man’s eyes bulged from his mask as tears
welled up in his eyes from the looks of
it he was begging us to stop but no one
would I tried to look away from the
screen but then I wondered if it was all
even real it’s probably fake I laughed
myself she looked right at me and
started to pour the first jug down the
tube it’s not fake Randy would you like
to be next my heart pounded at her words
somehow she knew my name she heard my
voice I watched as she poured jug after
jug into the poor guy’s throat until he
violently convulsed and stopped his head
turned toward us his blood and chocolate
poured from his mouth and he choked soon
the light from his eyes dissipated and
he was gone do you she laughed and
pointed at the camera I quickly shut off
the laptop and vomited into the trashcan
next to my desk I had heard of this
happening on the dark web before but I
didn’t know I was there I wiped the
machine and trashed the hard drive I
never wanted to be near that again a few
days later I got a call on my cell phone
are you ready to play Randy the familiar
Russian woman asked I threw the phone
against the brick wall and left town I
never returned